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   RE: Practicing out of my home?
 From: Craig Ross
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 07-13-2017 12:31
 Message: I think Sharon did it out of her house in SoCal.  I'm not sure she's still doing that.

I recommend against it.  I don't want patients coming to my home.  And I want work and home separate.  The legal issues are immense.  You need to make sure the office is functionally completely separate from the home.  If a family member uses the copier in your office, the IRS can come down on you.

MUCH easier to find someone who has an extra room to sublease (technically it's an "office use agreement") you.  Any specialists in town with an extra room?


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Sent: 07-12-2017 21:53
From: Kelly Sharrar
Subject: Practicing out of my home?

After 10 years of employed medicine as a family physician, I recently lost my job and want to make good on my desire to be independent. I live in a rural community with a doctor shortage and have been trying to open a clinic from my own home after seeing that option mentioned on an IMP site. I love the idea of very low overhead, so I can practice slow medicine. Is anyone practicing this way?
My county has no problem with zoning and the community is very supportive, but I would like to bill insurance and don't know if it's a no-go. Medical suppliers have already balked when I ordered some supplies to set up. I'm ready to try to start credentialing; there are only a few big insurance players out where we live, besides Medicare (not taking Medi-Cal). I have an ideal location and set-up, working on ADA accessibility. Would love any advice, I'm in the California Sierra foothills.

Kelly A. Sharrar, M.D.
Mariposa CA

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