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   RE: Resources for buying/selling practice
 From: Jeff Huotari
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 08-03-2017 13:01
 Message: 3 years ago I sold a practice without partners involved, so not your exact situation, but I can tell you that generally, there was very little publicly available DETAILED info (such as for an issue like this).

There are a myriad of issues that arise with a practice sale, and bottom line, my experience was it was search/read everything you can get your hands on, do your own thinking about every possible scenario as carefully as you can (and for multiple rounds until you quit coming up with issues), then hire experienced legal help to develop contract(s) that protect you and your unique issues, or wing it.

If you want, post more details of your situation here and we can try to at least help you with the thinking part.

Jeff Huotari, M.D.
BlueSky Health
138 W. Highland Rd., Suite 950
Howell, MI 48843

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I am wondering if anyone has any good resources regarding buying/selling a practice. My clinic partner is selling his practice and I am thinking about what needs to happen with an exit--specifically how one allocates liability (insurance over payment/insurance audits/fees/fines etc.) after one partner leaves.
Thank you!

Jessica Rongitsch, MD, FACP
Capitol Hill Medical
Seattle, WA

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