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   RE: EKGs- do you do them in your office?
 From: Michael Barron
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 11-02-2017 17:29

I'm in the same situation: bought an old machine, I do them myself, not worth it financially, but seems like a good capability.  I'd hate to send someone with a STEMI to the ED rather than directly to the cath lab.  We also have some folks that need it for pre-op clearance.


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No?  How does that work out then for your patients?

Yes? What is your flow to make this work?
And what equipment/technology do you use?
Does billing work out for the time?

We have one room per provider and no medical staff.
I haven't been able to see how we can do them but its gotten a bit silly that we don't.

I'm hopeful this group has good solutions to help me see outside the box.


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