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   RE: going direct pay - I think
 From: Justin Altschuler
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 02-17-2018 12:25
 Message: I’m doing DPC and love it.
One way to dramatically cut down on priors is to run an in-house pharmacy. There are lots of advantages— convenient for patients, adds a bit of revenue, confidence patients are actually getting their meds, but in my experience one of the nicest parts is the decrease in back and forth with the pharmacies and arguing with insurance over $6 medications.

I also find I’m much less irritated by PAs etc when I have time to do them...

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Interesting Jenn
wondering - are the priors and referrals coming from patients in the DPC part
patients with managed medicare that require referrals I am requesting they move to straight medicare which does not require referrals or priors
because I will be unable to do referrals if not contracted provider, as far as I can tell
what % of people moved to DPC from your practice and what percent left, do you have a number?
I saw Hint Health showed some person from a traditional practice, only 7% of his patients followed him . of course, he had 3000!
I expect my percentage will be more

Lynn Ho

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