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   RE: Emr /practice management
 From: John Nevins
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 11-20-2016 07:37


I recommend that before you invest heavily again in an EMR that you take a look at Practice Fusion. It was the last EMR I used before accepting a faculty position in a residency program. I had used a number of systems before and found the Practice Fusion platform to be by far the easiest, most functional and useful EMR I had ever used. There is a comprehensive support team-very responsive. Also there is an on-line community of physicians who share templates and workflows. It is worth a look and it is free, free, free. Their business model is to use the collective clinical data{de-identified, of course}as a national cohort .Their clients are data driven organization who utilize this large database. There are  turnkey  integrated office management systems,too.

I have missed Practice Fusion from the moment I started my current position.

Good Luck.


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Free Electronic Health Records | Practice Fusion
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John Nevins
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Sent: 11-18-2016 06:37
From: Margaret Coughlan
Subject: Emr /practice management

Hello all,

I have been using Athena for over 4 years. It is quite expensive but very comprehensive.  They do my billing and posting as well as patient portal, etc. However I have issues with customer support lately so in the market to switch vendors. Two questions,  anyone love their emr/pm program?  Second, anyone switch after several years, how hard is it? That is one of the issues with this whole thing, we almost get stuck to keep the same one due to inertia...

Margaret Coughlan MD
Millbrook, NY

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