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   RE: Practice Fusion to start charging for its EMR
 From: Cindy Go
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 Posted: 02-08-2018 06:54
 Message: The account manager from PF who called me also said the same thing that the Allscripts acquistion was independent of their plan to start charging for PF and he told me that May was the date they they were going to start charging.  He did say that they would not hold my data hostage and a full data transfer is possible and that I can get it started by calling customer service and opening a help ticket.  I did that and the email reply said I could easily download the patient demographics and she wanted to know if I wanted a full data transfer to another EMR.  I replied that I wanted a full data transfer and have not heard back.  We'll see as if they do "hold my data hostage" and if so, then I will have to print patient charts as suggested.

I am looking at One Touch EHR which is free but has a lot of add ons like PM and billing, fax in and out, and controlled substance eprescribing, etc.  I did the demo and seems easier to use than PF.  The sales rep said that they have done full data migration from PF in the past and they do not charge for it.  Anyone with experience with it?

Cindy Go

Cindy Go
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Sent: 02-07-2018 09:58
From: Jean Antonucci
Subject: Practice Fusion to start charging for its EMR

I was thinking  print  to  pdfs     but if we can still read thats good Thats what I do with my old emr now  Oh god LAyers of old emrs:)


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Concerning the options of Printing vs. Downloading old chart data for migration to a new chart filing system:

Is the intent to go forward with Paper or EMR/EHR charts?

If the intent is to go forward with Paper, printing the old charts would likely be the best option (unless you want to invest in a secure document management program for the old records.)

If the intent is to go forward with an EMR/EHR, downloading may afford a quicker, and cheaper, migration. (In this case the Print option would require scanning and uploading, or a hybrid electronic/paper chart archive storage space and management. This would likely increase costs of storage space and FTEs)


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