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   Practicing out of my home?
 From: Kelly Sharrar
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 07-12-2017 21:53
 Message: After 10 years of employed medicine as a family physician, I recently lost my job and want to make good on my desire to be independent. I live in a rural community with a doctor shortage and have been trying to open a clinic from my own home after seeing that option mentioned on an IMP site. I love the idea of very low overhead, so I can practice slow medicine. Is anyone practicing this way?
My county has no problem with zoning and the community is very supportive, but I would like to bill insurance and don't know if it's a no-go. Medical suppliers have already balked when I ordered some supplies to set up. I'm ready to try to start credentialing; there are only a few big insurance players out where we live, besides Medicare (not taking Medi-Cal). I have an ideal location and set-up, working on ADA accessibility. Would love any advice, I'm in the California Sierra foothills.

Kelly A. Sharrar, M.D.
Mariposa CA

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