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   RE: Emr /practice management
 From: Karen Betten
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 07-28-2017 19:50
You might also check MD-HQ.  I don't remember what I liked about it when I looked at it a few months ago, but I do remember thinking that I'd make the switch if I hadn't locked into a cheaper rate with Elation 4 years ago.

Concerning scheduling, I know it's a little redundant for staff (I have 2 part-time) to use a separate online scheduler (I use Full Slate, but I know there are others just as good if not better) along with Elation.  But I was very happy I did on 2 occasions in the last year - once when Full Slate had difficulties after upgrading their system and a second time when Elation had their system go down (this has only happened twice in 4 years and after the first time they set up a separate view-only chart website).

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I have a quick question about EMR & EKG integration (and other diagnostic devices), particularly I'm considering Elation.

Can I start an EKG machine inside a patient's chart, and then the results will be imported into EMR and add a CPT code on EKG?
In Elation help center, I didn't find a document on it.

Welch Allyn lists many EMR partners but didn't include Elation.

If Elation doesn't support this, what will be a good EMR that supports this? Thanks!

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