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   RE: Work flow advice
 From: Michael Barron
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 10-06-2017 11:39
I'm a believer in getting as much of the note done as possible while I'm with the patient. This results in a better note since I tend to forget things once I see other pts. I use macros to save time, and I am deliberately brief on my assessment/plans. 

Also, could you train your secretary to draw blood?

Michael Barron MD

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Looking for tips and advice on how you handle work flow in a small office. I have a small family practice clinic, my husband is the business manager, we have a FT receptionist, a PT book keeper (6 hrs per week) and a PT RN to help with CCM and a few other things (5-6 hrs per week). My issue is I see pts, draw blood, and take care of all the data input for each visit. I admit, I have this dislike of leaving people sitting waiting for me and thus will complete only the essential things from the previous visit before seeing the next pt. This leaves me a lot of charts to finish either at the end of the day, or worse yet, over the weekend. Any thoughts would be really appreciated. I'm 2 years into this adventure and the thought of working 7 days a week indefinitely is not very appealing. I know there must be some things to delegate some of this to the staff (the receptionist is just 2 weeks with us and learning very quickly, but certainly not seasoned.)

Tracy Baum
Mountain Sage Family Clinic
Dubois, WY

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