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   RE: Medicare coding
 From: Kathy Saradarian
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 01-23-2017 07:35
There is a special G code for the PAP and pelvic.?? I think G0009 but I have to look that up.?? then the Q0091 for collection of PAP which they also pay for.?? Use a -33 modifier on anything that is "wellness".
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You can use and should be reimbursed for -13 assuming you have ICD-10 to connect to it- i.e. whatever problem you discussed ( atrophic vaginitis or HTN or whatever). Then place -25 modifier on your -13 and use the G code for whatever part of prevention exam you did.

did you do this and not get paid? 

You can also do a Medicare wellness with its g code and then use another appropriate G code for the prevention exam portion.  I found out the hard way no -25 modifier here. If you place it you just won't get paid for that line.

Come to the March call, 1st Wednesday in March- what's that code?   You can ask all these questions or any other code questions and hear what others though the years have figured out.

i think Medicare and procedure coding hugely helpful to share tips. I just learned about proper vaccine coding and now get more than a hundred more dollars a visit because of it. So I'll be on the call. I always glean something most helpful. 

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