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   Experience with Anthem credentialing a new practice (but the physician has been in Anthem network)?
 From: Anonymous Member
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 Posted: 08-10-2017 17:03
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The scenario is this:
The physician (me) has been in Anthem network in California, with the payment assigned to a medical group with a couple of physicians.

Now I created my own organization, got my Type 2 NPI and its Federal Tax ID and California Tax ID. (Independently from this topic, this new organization's enrollment has been approved by Medicare).

Anthem Blue Cross told us to send a doc (see attached) to We wrote the form and sent to them about 4 weeks ago. They didn't ask us for anything and haven't been added to CAQH roster yet. We tried a few phone calls but didn't find a right person to expedite.

Do you know any person or any way that we can check the status or even expedite the application? Thanks.

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