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   RE: Emr /practice management
 From: Fred Klemmer
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 11-24-2016 15:30

We currently use ElationHealth for our EHR integrated with Kareo for practice management.

Kareo is really good for billing but a hassle otherwise.

We LOVE Elation for all the time it saves both doctors and staff, which we estimate saves us plenty of money despite the costs. They make common clinical action steps and inter-office communication task management easier than other EHRs we have tried. And they spend a lot of effort making sure their practice management integrations are as functional as the other vendor will allow them to be. Perhaps most importantly Elation is somewhat special among software companies in that everything they say will work actually works the way they say it does.

I am always looking at new options though. So this thread is very useful to me. For example I would love to add truly functional online scheduling.

We have tried Practice Fusion in the past and liked them for what they did but it was not enough for us. We also tried CareCloud which was absolutely terrible in multiple ways.

Fred Klemmer
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Sent: 11-18-2016 06:37
From: Margaret Coughlan
Subject: Emr /practice management

Hello all,

I have been using Athena for over 4 years. It is quite expensive but very comprehensive.  They do my billing and posting as well as patient portal, etc. However I have issues with customer support lately so in the market to switch vendors. Two questions,  anyone love their emr/pm program?  Second, anyone switch after several years, how hard is it? That is one of the issues with this whole thing, we almost get stuck to keep the same one due to inertia...

Margaret Coughlan MD
Millbrook, NY

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