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   This site- regional group vs member forum
 From: Melissa Weakland
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 10-18-2017 18:34
 Message: The question was asked why is there both the member forum and a Washington regional group. And why do you have to specifically join the region group.

Here's the thinking:

Higher Logic, the platform that hosts our website and forum, allows us to set up any number of groups. When you sign up with IMP you are automatically subscribed to the member forum.

Other groups were set up that you can self subscribe or are by invitation only. These groups can share and communicate information pertinent to their specific group in the same way we do on the member forum. This then keeps the member forum clear of irrelevant information.

Occasionally there is crossover but for the most part the conversation on the regional group was specific to Washington: we organized two in person gatherings, we've talked about local insurance issues, we were trying to organize for group value based payments... it's also just been a way to learn of other IMPS in our neighborhood.

As membership grows and as there is interest in other groups, this resource is available for all of us.

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