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   RE: Insurance networks and small practices
 From: Michael Safran
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 01-23-2018 17:50
 Message: Re Liberty Healthshare:

Thank you to Melissa and Renea for info on Liberty Healthshare.

The website and the philosophy of healthcare sharing group sounds very interesting and a potential good option for someone who cannot obtain group insurance thru work or affordable insurance on an exchange and does not have significant pre-existing conditions.  Reimbursement of Medicare plus 50-70% also sounds good.

I spoke to them and patients do not have to be Christian.   Just say you respect their values, dont smoke and moderate etoh only.   (Hopefully that applies to providers as well.  ;-)

We shall see how it goes and report back.

Michael S. MD
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Sent: 01-23-2018 06:08
From: Renea Clark
Subject: Insurance networks and small practices

We have a about 10 patients that have Liberty Healthshare. LH typically pays easily without too much hassle (one time they did request more information). However, they are the SLOWEST paying insurance company we work with. It is easily a good 60-90 days before payment is sent. There is a deductible with this plan and from what I understand, their year goes from Dec to Nov, not Jan to Dec. I believe they follow Medicare's fee schedule.

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Original Message------

What I was referring to is actually 
Liberty Healthshare. Anyone work with them? 
(There is also liberty mutual...confusing) 

It's completely new to us. I haven't formed an opinion yet. 

Health sharing group-  founded by Christians for people who pledge to be honest and have intent to lead a healthy life style. Members (patients) can join if they pledge to a statement of shared beliefs including no Tob and no EtOH. 

Members can use with any provider- no networks. So any specialist is fine also. Covers labs and imagining. No PAs. No med coverage. We get paid Medicare allowable in our area plus between 50 - 70% after patient deductible of $500. 

On our side, we just bill to the address provided (no contact). They say no denials, no coding parameters. 

We haven't billed to them yet. Have our first patient coming in who uses them.

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