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   RE: please provide companies you work with
 From: Jean Antonucci
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 03-24-2017 09:10

so I think we do this for two reasons
1 sharing  best service and prices
2 Melissa is thinking,isn't she about getting folks to  fiancially support us?

 Moore medical
 Local malpractice(ME and NH MAine Medical Mutual -- rebates!!)
 local lawyer and biller
Local  snowplower :)
 for electronics  -dell outlet and discount
EMR  Practice Fsion
 faxing  a machine sometimes mostly Updox Formerly Ring Central
 phones local but cellular
 tracfone is way cheaper than contracts Got a delicious Iphone 6 +  through them ooh what a great toy Takes dictation like nothing else!
autoclaving and medical waste  the hospitla takes for me
 freezer form sears
 frig from compact
  Square for credit cards ( wonderful)

shoes  payless:)
today's jacket Goodwill
mousepad IMP


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I'm looking for a list of any company that you work with in your small independent practice.
We thought would be helpful to share so only list folks you think would want others reaching out to them. 
No need to spend much time- we can find the details. 
Just would appreciate you shooting off quick list of any one you happen to know from the top of your head. 

graphic design companies,
lab companies,
medical supplies, 
office supplies if smaller or mail order
malpractice companies
phone system
credit card service
accounting firm
law firm
fax system

who else...

Melissa Weakland MD
Ballard Neighborhood Doctors
Seattle WA
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