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   RE: Vaccine Coding
 From: Michael Safran
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 10-25-2017 08:52
 Message: Kathy and Mamatha,

Thank you for responses.

Just to be clear.....for adults you are billing 90471 and 90472, with routine Td and Tdap, and being reimbursed for both administration codes by some  HMOs, PPOs, blues, etc.?

For adults are you using V03.7?   I believe z23 is for children less than 7.

I realize with Medicare, these codes are not reimbursed by Part B in the office unless they are associated with an acute laceration, etc.

Thanks again.

Michael S. MD
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Sent: 10-24-2017 20:51
From: Kathy Saradarian
Subject: Vaccine Coding

Yes.  All the time.  (As long as not Medicare).

Kathy Saradarian, MD

Quality Family Practice

Branchville, NJ 07826

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Is anyone successfully billing 90471 / 72 for adults when they bill for a tetanus booster?
90460 / 61 are for patients under 18.

I realize Medicare will only pay for tetanus vaccination if coded with an injury / laceration / foreign body, etc.

Michael S. MD

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