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   RE: When your out-of-pocket patient uses Medicaid to pay for prescriptions
 From: Karen Betten
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 12-16-2017 09:37
I've also understood it that with my cash-only practice I'm not allowed to charge a Medicaid patient for services that are covered by Medicaid.  I have only a handful of these patients, so I've made the decision just not to charge them for their visit.  I have not had any problem ordering labs or prescribing medications for these patients.

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Interesting !  In some states  one cannot see Medicaid patients and have them pay cash- illegal  I am told( is that true? Never saw it in print I admit)
 so,  it would be obvious they would try to get their prescriptions paid for who wouldn't   but the prescription coverage is connected to who wrote for it?? I am not helping you I am sorry  Let us  know
The system  gets  more bizarre daily   I confess I am at my wits end

Jean Antonucci

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